Words for”I Love You” in Moroccan Arabic

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The Moroccan word for “to love” is “Habb.” One more word that translates as “to love” is “bgha.” When describing love involving two individuals, the verb “Habb” is used, but whenever referring to love in general, the verb “Bgha” is used though it could also be used to refer to love between two persons. If a person wants to say, “I love you,” the term “Knbghiik” may be used.

If a person is conversing with several individuals and would like to tell them “I love you all” then the person could say “Knbghiikom.” If one would like to say “I love you all so much,” then the expression “Knbghiikom bezzaf” could be used. The expression “Knbghi walidiyya” translates as “I love my parents.”

In Moroccan Darija, numerous French words are also used. An example of a French word used in Morocco is the term for “my love” which translates as “cheri.” Likewise, the French phrase “mon amour” is also used and it translates as “my love.” Sometimes Moroccans might be heard speaking about a person as “Momo aini” which means “pupil of my eye.”

One will find that there are several Moroccan Darija terms to take into consideration. Additional expressions used in Morocco related to the word love are “KnHmaaq aliik” which can mean “I am crazy about you” and the expression “Ma nqdarsh ntSawwr l Hayat bla biik” which translates as “I can’t imagine life without you.” The expression “Wash bSSaH ktbghini?” means “Do you love me?” When you hear the phrase “Hobbi al awwal,” it means “my first love.” The phrase “love at first sight” is “Hobb mn nnaDra al oola.” The term for “kiss” is the word “boosa” and the word “bisous” is also used.

In Moroccan Darija, one may say “KnHlm biik” which translates as “I dream about you.” The words “Hbibi” and “Azizi” both mean “my darling” and are considered endearing terms which Moroccans use to address a husband or wife, grandfather, father-in-law or any person they deeply care about. Whenever asking a husband or wife, an uncle, grandfather or father-in-law “How is my darling?” the expression “Kidiir azizi?” may be used. The feminine forms of the terms are “Hbibti” and “azizti.”

Love is a universal feeling that could be expressed verbally. “To love” translates as “Habb” in Morocco. The word “bgha” also translates as “to love.” These love expressions are used to communicate one’s emotions toward a husband or wife, mother or father, sibling, grandfather or loved one.

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